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What can we see when we "swap eyes"?

In one fairy tale, a squirrel and a tortoise swap eyes so that one can see the world from the sky and the other can see it from the ground. With each other's eyes, they could experience each other's life, see it from the other's perspective.

By "exchanging eyes" with the one we have hurt or deceived, we can quickly come to our senses, rethink our actions, change and be forgiven. It is interesting and useful (but much more difficult) to see a situation and yourself in that situation through the eyes of the other, when you are not the offender but the "victim". In this way, you can heal, get out of the "victim" position, understand the other person's actions and... forgive.

You can ask how this happens. Quite simply, really. There are only two conditions:

- You have to realise if you are ready to see, to experience your life story through the eyes of another person.

- You have to trust the guidance and help of another in order to experience your life through another's eyes

If you have hurt or deceived another person and you still carry this within you, you cannot be open with them because you feel guilty. Then you avoid meeting them, look for excuses not to communicate, etc. And you feel much the same way when you are hurt yourself.

With the help of hypnosis, it is possible to go back to situations and experience them not only from our own point of view, but also from the point of view of the person we have hurt/offended, deceived/deceived. And then... Then there is a clear understanding of why you have been carrying the situation inside you and what attitude it has formed. Then you can let go of the guilt/victim feeling and replace it with another feeling, another attitude, which will change the inner state, and push you to external action. The new state will inspire an open conversation with the person, not from a position of guilt/sacrifice but from a position of love or respect.

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