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I believe that you want to feel and admit your value!

You want change in your life, but you are AFRAID of it. Your lack of self-confidence and self-lessness are bigger than you are!

  I will help you to face your fears, to relive them safely, to understand the limiting effect of fear on your life and to create a new matrix of sensations.

This will help you to trust and love yourself. Dare to try!

You feel worthless because  ...

Your emotions are often marginal and inadequate. You experience great euphoria and sudden onset of deep sadness, anxiety.

You quickly get offended and take everything to heart.

Since childhood, you have carried the attitude that anger is ugly and disrespectful, but you are still angry and hide that anger. And then you direct your anger at your children, husband, wife, and the like.

You often change jobs and feel you are learning nothing in any area.

You are afraid to start something new because you think you are too old and think what people will say.

You have been doing an unloved job for many years and think you would not be able to do anything else.

You are afraid to take on new things because there is a risk of making a mistake.

The happiness of others is more important to you than yours. You can push your affairs aside because of another person’s more important matters.

Ignore the signals sent by your body (rest, eat) and stumble only in the medical institution.

Constantly compare yourself to others and feel inferior in a variety of situations.

Quickly offends and shuts himself in or vice versa, expresses emotions by shouting loudly or even using physical force.

Can’t share and create a game together, constantly changing locations.

Frequent destructive behavior that provokes constant conflicts.

Apathy, unwillingness to take any action.


your emotions bother you


you are afraid of making mistakes


you are frightened by not  being able to find your place in life


you feel the desire to sacrifice yourself for others, forgetting to take care of yourself


your child's behavior disturbs you

I can help you find the reason of your bad well-being, which after eliminating ...

  • There will be a desire and inspiration to take on new jobs, activities, projects.

  • There will be a need to take more care of your body and nutrition.

  • It will be easy to make decisions and take responsibility for them.

  • There will be no fear of failures that may occur in the future as you learn to live and enjoy this day.

  • The financial situation will improve.

In a free consultation we can find out ...

  • Why have you been bothered by this unpleasant state for so long.

  • Where are the causes of illness, how to find them.

  • How to remove the blocks that are causing this problem.

  • How to remove the desire to live a joyful and full life after removing them.

  • How to unleash your potential and create a quality and rich life.

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Steps to hypnopractice with a client:

  • We identify the problem the client is coming with.

  • We identify the outcome that is expected to be achieved.

  • We find out what qualities are hindering the achievement of this result.

  • We anticipate how the client will feel when the problem is solved.

  • I tell you about the hypnopraxis method and its components.

  • Hypnosis is a process in which the client returns to the past, reliving past events.

  • In them we find the source of the problem - the situation, and the limiting attitude.

  • We discover and identify the limiting attitude, and change it into a new one, from the perspective of the present life experience.

  • The client experiences a new perception and a new feeling in him.

  • Exit from hypnosis.

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