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I am Milda Račiūnaitė. I have the qualification of a pre-school pedagogy and psychology teacher, educator and many years of experience with children. I graduated from the American Academy of Hypnosis. I am a hypnotherapy practitioner.

The experience of pedagogical practice allows us to find ways to build safe, trusting relationships with children and adults in need more quickly.

Do not flee from your fears, face them.

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What is regression therapy?

Every human body is a visible part of it. Invisible human parts  - the consciousness which helps a person to think and the subconscious in which all events in a person's life, especially in childhood, are deposited. Later, they manifest as a defensive reaction - physical or emotional illness. The person feels fear, anxiety, apathy or frequent dissatisfaction, chronic pain. Regression therapy is a great way to find the cause of a problem that prevents you from feeling good and healthy, eliminating it, or transforming it into positive positive energy.

Regression therapy is a safe and accessible meditative method of inner encounter with oneself, using the power of the subconscious. It changes attitudes towards oneself and the environment. There is more energy, the desire to act, the perception of your life goal where to go. In order to break free from the painful experiences of the past, it is necessary to understand, accept, and release them. The more negative emotions you release, the more inner freedom you will feel.

The hidden purpose of any ailment is to send a message to a person that it is urgent to change something in himself, to get rid of negative thoughts, unnecessary illusions in order to maintain health. Nowadays, people often forget about basic needs, can’t get rid of harmful habits, always try to meet someone’s invented standards. All of this upsets the emotional balance, so bodily ailments report it.

. . .

  • Inability to cope with stressful situations;

  • Constant immersion in personal problems;

  • Constant waiting for something bad;

  • Pessimism, negative life prospects;

  • The desire to take full control of one’s own and loved ones ’lives;

  • Inability to give and receive love;

  • Inability to rejoice, lack of sense of humor;

  • Failure to achieve goals is frustrating in itself;

  • The desire to make a global problem out of any obstacles;

  • Ignoring the basic needs of the body to rest properly, eat well;

  • Constant concern for the opinions of others;

  • Inability, unwillingness to speak openly about your experiences and feelings;

  • Lack of purpose and meaning in life.



  • Feel, understand, see the meaning of your life;

  • Learn to enjoy life, feel free from your needs ;

  • You will not suffer from long-term ailments, there will be a feeling of well-being;

  • The newly awakened creative potential will inspire you to take on new jobs and aspirations;

  • The financial situation will improve.

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